Zacky Vengeance

Avenged Sevenfold

Live on tour, Zacky uses the 100H and 100HDM heads to deliver crushing riffs and harmony leads. He's also used JCA on Avenged Sevenfold's most recent three studio releases.

Joel Stroetzel

KillSwitch Engage

Joel uses the Jettenuator to deliver guitar tones to the board in KillSwitch Engage concerts.

Kent Stump

Wo Fat

Kent rocks riffle with a pair of 20 watt JCA heads and American Custom cabinets.

Switchblade Jesus

Eric Calvert

Our of Austin, Texas, Eric plays 20H, 20HV, And American Custom Cabinets with Switchblade Jesus.

Ben Wells

Seth Wooten

Seth plays guitar with country rocker Ben Wells. His amp of choice is the 20HV with a 24SV cabinet.

Lucky Seven

Dean Barcello

Dean plays guitars with Australian Swing band Lucky Seven. His extensive JCA rig includes a pair of 20H, and multiple cabs and pedals.

Brian Nutter

Brian Nutter

Brian used four of our American Custom 4x12 cabinets in front Keith Urban fans all over North America.

Mark Claytor Project

Mark Claytor

Solo artist Mark 'Mc Shred' Claytor plays an Amelia through a 24S cabinet.

Matt Sorum

Guns & Roses / Velvet Revolver

Sure, you know him as the drummer for mega rock act Guns & Roses. Matt also owns and operates a top-flight recording studio in Hollywood where he regularly records with the 20H and 100HDM.

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Dropkick Murphys

Celtic-American punk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, the Dropkick Murphys use JetDirect on every guitar, every show.

Tim Brennan | James Lynch

Job For A Cowboy

Tony plays through 100HDM and American Custom Cabinets, and uses JetDirect to feed the mains. Apparently he lifts weights too.

Tony Sannicandro

Job For a Cowboy

Al plays both 100 and 50 watt JCA heads through American Custom Cabinets in his band Job For A Cowboy. He also feeds the mains with JetDirect.

Al Glassman

Field of Giants - Alternative Hard Rock band from the United Kingdom, Field of Giants used a Custom 22 during the recording of their new album, In Arcadia. The masked rockers loved it so much they got another one for live shows.

Josh Woodman

Steve Dunn Band

Steve fronts the Steve Dunn band, where he is vocalist and guitarist. He gets his tones from JCA100H, 20HV, and 24SVe.

Steve Dunn

Tonight We Rise

Ethan Sizer is a long time Jet City user with his band Tonight We Rise.

Ethan Sizer

Naked Walrus

Hayden fuels his band, Naked Walrus, with his 20H.

Hayden Bush

Bates Motel

Power Punk out of Spain - Bates Motel - Sergio and Bruno rock out with a duo of 50H. 

Sergio Hernández | Bruno García

Hear Kitty Kitty

Kitty fronts her band, Hear Kitty Kitty, and rocks guitars through her 5012C.


Hear Kitty Kitty

Hear Kitty Kitty | Ugly Kid Joe guitarist Cordell Crocket plays a JCA5212RC.

Cordell Crocket


Coming out of Kansas City, Cale plays his JCA100H and ultra-rare Earhart through a Soldano 4x12

Cale Saul

The Ragged Impresarios

Boston-based The Ragged Impresarios guitarists Craig and Mic both use JCA amps.

Craig Jackson | Mic Pesaturo


Gee powers Puppet with Amelia, in Las Vegas.

Gee Silver

The Drowning Season

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Michael 'Chewka' Marchewka

Sidekick Envy

Sidekick Envy hail from Trinidad and Tobago.

Scott Homer

Sidekick Envy

Sidekick Envy hail from Trinidad and Tobago.

Logan Tang

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Matt Graunke

When Vanity Kills

Hailing from Oregon, Chris Beltran of Vanity Kills has an arsenal of Jet City amps.

Chris Beltran

Back Pocket Memory

Ian is guitarist for popular California rockers Back Pocket Memory.

Ian Felchlin

Two By Sea

Two By Sea. And 2 6L6 in Jordan's 50H.

Jordan Thompson

Susie Blue

20HV + Caolan = Irish Rock with Susie Blue.

Caolan Moore

Sober Daze

Alex and the 100H shredding with Sober Daze.

Alex Rager

Sleepy Pilot

Guitarist and vocalist Sean VanDommelen plays a 100HDM with his band Sleepy Pilot.

Sean VanDommelen

As Yourself

Tony with his customized 22H in the band As Yourself.

Tony Grissom


Brian plays lead guitar through 50 and 100 watt JCA heads in his band FFG. 

Brian Fuentes


Southern California rock band Souljourners features Michael Couts who plays guitar through JCA100H.

Michael Couts

Pete Salazar Band

Brandon plays guitar through his Jet City rig for the Pete Salazar band.

Brandon Ogle

Fair Struggle

Lead guitarist for the Sacramento rock band Fair Struggle, Ivan's weapon of choice is the 100HDM.

Ivan Parra

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